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Haunted Apartment on Ninth and F Streets: Woman in the Window: Lincoln, Nebraska

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

On a cold winter evening in 1885, a man walking in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska saw the dark outline of a person through the open curtains of a second-story window. When he stopped to look up, he saw a woman staring back at him. A shudder ran through his body. The moon shined upon her face, exposing an expression of deep sadness.

The man knew the apartment well. He had known the previous resident who quickly vacated the premises. Unoccupied for eight years, the man on the sidewalk knew no one should be inside.

Several years before, the apartment had been the home of a traveling salesman and his wife. One afternoon, he arrived home, placed his briefcase on the kitchen table, and made his way to the bedroom. There, he found his wife dead, her body resting up against the far wall directly below the window. She had supposedly committed suicide. But the true cause of death was never uncovered.

Distraught by the sudden death of his beloved wife, the man moved away. Leaving all of her personal belongings behind.

Soon after, the apartment was listed for rent. A family moved in, only living in the residence for a short time before packing up and leaving overnight without an explanation for their sudden departure.

The next occupants complained of mysterious noises, slamming doors, strange lights floating in rooms, and other peculiar sights and sounds at odd hours of the night. Like the previous family, they moved out.

A third party moved in soon after. Like the previous tenants, they complained of being disturbed at night. They would find all of their furniture piled up in the living room each morning along with other unexplained noises.

Like the others, they moved out.

Since the last family fled, no one else had dared to live in the apartment.

The woman in the window proved otherwise.


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Tayden Bundy

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