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Haunted Nebraska Road Trip

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Nebraska State Capitol – Lincoln, Nebraska

The Nebraska State Capitol building is haunted by multiple apparitions including a man who fell to his death and can now be heard sobbing. An apparition can also be seen falling from the 12th floor before disappearing.

The building is open to the public every day of the week. Check out their website for hours of operation.

Mayhew Cabin – Nebraska City, Nebraska

The apparitions of the slaves who once found refuge here during a stop on the Underground Railroad have been heard and seen on the property and in the cave below the cabin. Other reports of paranormal activity include hearing voices and footsteps.

Mayhew Cabin/John Brown's Cave is open to the public. Check out their website for hours of operation.

Hummel Park – Omaha, Nebraska

Reported to be one of the most haunted locations in Omaha. Multiple legends are associated with the park involving the Morphing Stairs, the Devil's Slide, trees that tend to lean near the entrance from multiple lynchings, satanic rituals, and a colony of albino people who roam the 200 acres. Although many of these stories may be untrue, numerous disturbing acts have been committed within the park including disposing of human remains. People report frequently hearing disembodied screams and cries throughout the park.

Hummel Park is open to the public during daylight hours.

Barnard Park – Fremont, Nebraska

Barnard Park was originally a stopping point for travelers along the Mormon Trail. Several apparitions roam the grounds at night. Most notably a crying woman is seen. According to legend, her daughter passed away at the camp once situated on the site. Today, the woman’s apparition is seen wandering around crying for her lost child.

The park was once a cemetery. After a new cemetery was established in town due to overcrowding, the bodies were exhumed and interred in the new location. Unfortunately, many of the graves were not marked, resulting in some of the bodies being left behind.

Barnard Park is open to the public during daylight hours.

Argo Hotel – Crofton, Nebraska

Several ghosts are reported to haunt the historic Argo Hotel in Crofton, Nebraska. Many of the apparitions seen today are connected to the hotel's past as a clinic in the early half of the 20th century. An older gentleman described as being roughly six feet tall and dressed in a hospital gown has been seen roaming the hallway near the upstairs office before disappearing.

The most frequent sighting is that of a woman named Alice, who according to legend, died in childbirth in the building in the 1940s when it was a clinic. She is typically seen in the basement wandering aimlessly as if in search of her lost child. She is also associated with the disembodied sounds of a woman calling out in response to the sounds of a child crying that are heard throughout the building.

Glassware is known to shatter for no reason, lights flicker on and off, doors close, pictures move on their own, and cold spots can be felt.

Argo Hotel is still in operation today. Call to book an overnight stay in one of their lovely rooms.

Centennial Hall Museum – Valentine, Nebraska

According to local legend, a student was poisoned in 1944 and died. The poison was later found on the girl’s clarinet reed that she had been playing in class. Her apparition has been seen throughout the building. A teacher who visited the building started getting a bad feeling before she caught a glimpse of an apparition of a young girl. Music is frequently heard coming from the old music room, which no longer has any instruments. People have also reported hearing strange noises, smelling odd odors, feeling cold drafts in rooms with the windows closed, and feelings of uneasiness, especially on the lower levels.

Centennial Hall Museum is open to the public for self-guided tours for a small fee.

Olde Main Street Inn – Chadron, Nebraska

The beautiful Victorian-style bed and breakfast in Chadron, Nebraska has two notable ghosts who haunt the building. The two spirits, named Anna and Jack by the hotel owner, roam the halls and appear to guests before disappearing. According to accounts, the spirits resembled two family members of previous owners. Jack was known to be a bit of a prankster in life and seems to continue strumming up mischief in the afterlife. He is associated with the sounds of footsteps heard on the stairs, slamming doors, and moving objects. According to a couple that stayed overnight, they woke up to find a glass had moved across the room while they were asleep. Anna is frequently sighted throughout the hotel wearing a red satin dress.

Alliance Theatre – Alliance, Nebraska

Alliance Theater is most notably known for a ghost named Mary. According to the ghost story, Mary was an actress when the theater was used for live theatrical performances. One night, during a performance, Mary was dressed as a bride in a play about a love story, but this particular version would end in tragedy. At one point in the performance, Mary walked onto the stage when a light fixture came loose from above and landed directly on her. According to reports, she was killed by the weight of the light crashing onto her body and from electric shock. Her spirit has been seen roaming the stage in a white wedding dress as if she is repeating the night of her death over and over again.

Other supernatural experiences include shadowy figures that are seen and the footsteps of an unseen individual are heard running down the aisles and seats being moved when no one is around. People have heard the sound of screaming, laughter, and the voice of someone speaking as if reciting lines while in the theater. Some have reported feeling uneasy, drops in temperature, and have been touched when no one else was around.

Alliance Theatre is still in operation. Check out their website for movie showtimes.

Buffalo Bill Scouts Rest Ranch - North Platte, Nebraska

According to several reports from tour guides and guests, Buffalo Bill and members of his family can still be seen in the home. Children tend to be most commonly associated with personally interacting with the spirit of Buffalo Bill. One child, in particular, was seen shaking hands with an invisible presence who she later identified as Buffalo Bill by pointing at a photo. Multiple tour guides have claimed to feel a presence rub up against them and they hear voices on occasion when no one else is around.

Buffalo Bill seems to still be attached to his bedroom. According to reports, Bill is known to move objects in the room, open the closet door, and walk around producing disembodied footsteps.

Guests have reported seeing other members of the family as well, including Buffalo Bill's wife Louisa and their children inside the home and wandering the grounds. A ranch hand is also seen near the barn.

Scouts Rest Ranch is open to the public during the spring and summer. Check out the website for hours of operation.

Arrow Hotel – Broken Bow, Nebraska

Built in 1928, the hotel is reported to be haunted by multiple apparitions including the former owner who died in the hotel. He is frequently seen near the front desk. He appears as a pleasant middle-aged man and is known to check-in guests and even have a conversation before disappearing. Another ghost who appears as an old man with gray hair wanders the halls and occasionally passes directly through unsuspecting guests. The most famous ghost is that of a beautiful woman with red hair. According to legend, she is a witch who was burned in a local cemetery. The female apparition is known to flirt with male guests, sometimes touching them as she approaches.

Arrow Hotel is still open for business. Check out their website to book an overnight.


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