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Beyond Lincoln: A History of Nebraska Hauntings is a book about the ghosts of Lincoln and Nebraska.

I am asking for submissions of ghost stories, tales, folklore, supernatural experiences, and most importantly the history connected to these stories. I am in search of documents, newspaper articles, names, dates, and details linked to ghost stories and locations with a ghostly past in Lincoln and Nebraska.


I am specifically looking for ghost stories and history connected to the following:



Lake Street Lake 


20th and Washington


Wilderness Park 


Robber’s Cave  


Bloody Mary’s House


Antelope Park


Temple Theater – UNL Campus 

Oldfather Hall – UNL Campus

The Nebraska State Penitentiary 


Hobbitsville House 

Ferguson House 


Nebraska State Capitol Building 


C.C. White Building


Hollywood Bowl

Outside of Lincoln:

Seven Sisters Road - Nebraska City 


Argo Hotel - Crofton 

Ball Cemetery - Springfield 

Norfolk Asylum - Norfolk 

White House Apartments  - Omaha 

Hummel Park - Omaha 

Barnard Park - Fremont 

Spring Ranche Bridge - Spring Ranche 

Although I am looking for specific information connected to certain stories, I would still love to hear any information you may have that you believe would contribute to my research. I am also looking for new stories to consider for later editions. 

Beyond Lincoln: A History of Nebraska Hauntings began as a project for Independent Study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am currently collecting research and stories about the ghosts that haunt Lincoln and Nebraska. Through fact-based information, I plan to provide a backstory for the tales we have been retelling for generations to provide a larger and more detailed picture of the origins of the ghost stories we recount. 

If you would like to share your ghost story or any information that you believe would assist in completing my book, please send all submissions to

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